Is the Shooter Ready?

The Long Range Shooting Simulation

Learn the basics of exterior ballists, range estimation, and more. All without wasting a single round of ammunition.

The simulation is not a game. It is also not exterior ballistic software. This a realistic training simulation which graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect bullets of different calibers in flight.

This is a great tool for shooters new to long range shooting. Try out different types of basic reticles, compare the use of mil and moa turret adjustments. Compare how different calibers react to similar conditions. See what happens if you adjust or do not adjust for changing temperatures, shooting angles or winds down-range.

Basic Training Version

Detailed classroom section explaining the basics of exterior ballistics
4 reticle choices
A choice of MIL or MOA turret adjustments
Six caliber choices
Standard and Metric Versions
and more . .

Advanced Training Version

Classroom section explaining Coriolis, Spin Drift, Aerodynamic Jump
Featuring the 6.5mm Creedmoor
Realistic Range Finder
Standard and Metric Version
and more . .

The Long Range Shooting Handy Reference Guide

Released October 15, 2023

All of the information from the classroom sections found in the Basic Training version and Advanced Training version is now available in print.

Updated and with new information in a concise manual, the guide makes it easy to use while working in the stages. It also serves as an excellent introduction to the basics of exterior ballistics.

In addition, 24 challenges allows you to practice ranging and estimating drop and drift while taking into account extremes of atmospherics, earth-based effects, and inclination angles.

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I purchased the Long Range Shooting Simulator from you a few days ago. Your program is undoubtedly the best of its type around. I've learned more from using LRSS for a couple of days than I have in years of study at the marksmanship "School of Hard Knocks".

My wife will tell you that I never get enthusiastic about products; especially software. But I'm enthusiastic about yours. I'm recommending it to all my friends.

D.E.H., Kansas City, Kansas