Is the Shooter Ready?

Advanced Training

For Windows

US Standard and Metric Versions

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The *New Advanced Training version continues on where Basic Training left off.

Featuring the Hornady .264 6.5mm Creedmoor 140 gr ELD Match Bullet.
Learn to adjust for
Spin drift
Aerodynamic jump
Coriolis drift
Eötvös drop
Changes in muzzle velocity
Take an in-depth look at drag

The Advanced Training stages have all of the features of the Basic Training version plus a range finder in yards and meters with a battery which may run low or die.

60 stages using a 6-foot steel target.

Two ranges have hostage situations to provide a challenge for adjusting for more advanced exterior ballistic problems.

A detailed range card and instructions for making adjustments left or right for earth-based effects.

MIL or MOA turret adjustment 1/10 mil MIL turret adjustment
Quarter-minute clicks MOA turret adjustment.

Four different reticle choices Oval mil dot, round mil dot plus lines, mil lines, and MOA lines

First and Second focal plane zoom 10X fixed power, 20X second focal plane (custom reticle, the target enlarges but the reticle does not), 20X first focal plane (target and reticle enlarges)

US Standard and Metric Versions

Order and download now

*Release date: October 28, 2018. Although extensively tested there still may be a few small bugs. Please report any issues or problems. Thank you.