Is the Shooter Ready?


Be sure to look at the INTERFACE section from the Main Menu. This area explains the functions and controls including how to read the wind indicator (it is correct) as well as how to use the arrow keys to adjust the turrets. The same instructions are on the splash page for the demos. Please check out these instructions if you have a question on using the simulation. They will provide the quickest answer. There also instructions in the email that came with your download links which will help with any download or installation problems.

If you have other questions or problems, I try to answer all emails as quickly as possible during the daytime hours usually from 5 am to around 3 pm Mountain time, 7 days a week including holidays. If you are having a problem at night please be patient. I will respond to your email first thing in the morning.

There are frequent issues with the email addresses, and (which are all icloud). Emails will bounce because the incoming server often goes down, or you will not receive them at all - they just disappear - or they go to the junk folder - please check there before complaining. If you are using one of those email addresses and do not receive replies please offer an alternative email address (such as gmail) in order for me to be able to communicate with you. It can be frustrating when I receive complaints that I am not answering emails, when I am but they are bouncing or vanishing or going to the junk folder.

Karin Christensen