Is the Shooter Ready?

Download and other important information

The Long Range Shooting Simulation is sold exclusively on this website. Any copies sold by anyone else on any other website, forum or gun show are not legal copies nor is the seller authorized to sell them. If you buy unauthorized copies you will not be eligible for support or updates.

The simulation works on all versions of Windows.

Please read if you use a Mac
Due to increasing problems with MacOSX the Mac/Linux version which will have to be run through a browser that has the Flash player enabled. Recent updates to the Mac OS prevent the standalone Flash player from functioning so it is no longer included in the Mac version. Instructions are included in the email and download links pages. The Mac version will be discontinued in the fall of 2018. Adobe will discontinue support for the Flash player in browsers sometime in 2020, but Apple is disabling the Flash in the Safari browser. Linux users can use a standalone swf player (gnash for instance). These changes will not affect the Windows version.

It will not work on a Surface RT. It will work on a Surface Pro.

It will not work on phones or tablets including iPADs.

You can use the simulation on all of your own computers.

Download Information

You will need to know how to find saved files on your computer (in Windows that is usually your Downloads folder by default) and how to extract/unzip or decompress a file.

The simulation does not install on your system. It runs from a standalone Flash player which is included in the Windows version, or through a browser with the Flash player enabled for MacOS or Linux.

When your Paypal payment is complete you will be automatically directed back to the Shooterready download link web page. You will receive links for either the Windows (Imperial and Metric), or Mac/Linux (Imperial and Metric) versions.

If you leave the Paypal site too soon after the payment is verified you may not be redirected to the download page. Just wait a few seconds for the redirect.

You will also be sent an email with the download links, installation instructions and troubleshooting information.

If you do not receive an email with the download links:

The download links will expire 3 hours after your order is placed.

Please do not share the download links

This is a one time download. Make a back up copy and keep it in a safe place. Free back-up links can be provided only up to one year after purchase.

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how awesome the software is. I've been in need of a refresher because I live in a city apartment and don't get out to shoot nearly as often... this is really helping out a lot.

I'm especially grateful for the metric option, being Canadian and all, and using a mil/mil scope

Byron S., Toronto, Canada